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    Thread: Staff Application Template
Post: Staff Application Template

Kawaii Network Moderator Application Template Answer all of the following questions as best you can. Remember, not using the format warrants an instant deny. Also remember, formatting using colour an...
Lucky Applications 0 680 28-10-20, 08:17 PM
    Thread: PropHunt Rules
Post: PropHunt Rules

1. Server RulesDo not abuse commands (e.g. !unstuck) or use exploits to gain an unfair advantage. Do not exploit the map or leave map boundaries. Do not advertise other servers. Do not ask other pl...
Lucky Rules 0 610 28-10-20, 08:08 PM
    Thread: Favourite fruit discussion
Post: RE: Favourite fruit discussion

i like big banana
Lucky Off Topic 3 5,081 01-09-19, 09:15 PM
    Thread: Who is Lucky
Post: Who is Lucky

Hey guys im Lucky, im one of the owners of KawaiiNetwork Im 17 years old Im a furry and one of the creators of the prophunt: enhanced gamemode ~Lucky
Lucky Introductions 1 2,700 01-09-19, 06:06 PM